Saturday, November 5, 2011

him? adorable bha.. :))

as promise..

mushi maw crita la ne psal c TALTAL..

( why taltal?? kuz mushi olok dya tu ikan buntal.. but da reality is, dya xbuntal pun, saja ja mushi tu, sapa suru dya olok mushi at da first place.. hee..)

now.. where should I begin yaa?? hmmmm..


I'm still learning to know more bout him

he is........

unpredictable i guess..

adorable.. :))


at least tats what i knew after 2 months of our affair.. haha..(such a big word plk affair tu.. start la uda mushi ne meng-HIPERBOLA-kan other couple.. we do fight.. misunderstood.. or apa2 ja la yg sama waktu dgn nya..

but that doesn't really matter.. kuz from wat i know.. we are really in love right now..(yaka ya??)haha.. as long as we understand each other.. and willing to let go of our own EGO.. i guess everything will be okae.. kan TALTAL?? :')

so, mushi ne kan suka boys yg prangai mcm budak2 ckit.. means org tu xla ego sngt mcm lelaki laen.. kuz he is brave enough to express himself in a different way.. instead of others yg lebi suka control macho.. not my type! sorry guys.. Xp

tu la mushi kan.. suka sngt yg mcm budak2.. skali btul2 dpt budak2.. hahaha.. well, just so u know.. TALTAL ne younger than mushi.. beza stahun la.. mushi n taltal pun heran mcm mna kami ble sangkut ne.. lol..

but people can say watever they want.. kuz from wat we know, we r happy n okae with it.. tu pun da memadai.. watpa maw sibuk puaskan ati suma org kan?? (lol.. bitchy nya statement mushi.. hooho.. )

time first2 kame b'contact kan, mushi mcm rasa yg we r just going to be friends.. mushi keep on telling myself, i wont fall for someone who is younger than me.. tp tarikh 28/7/2011 has change my prespective.. ITS OKAE TO BE WITH SOMEONE THAT U WOULDN'T EXPECTED.. besides, AGE is just a number.. & I'm GLAD that change happen.. :D


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